Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Great Post on the Kung Fu Kristalnacht

First up, Woman on a Raft summarises the precise legal basis for the police's action - or, more specifically, the complete absence of any basis.

So, a citizen was deprived of his liberty without the ghost of the shadow of the memory of a legal basis, and dear old Shami and the rest of the usual suspects on the left have either suddenly remembered an urgent dental appointment or they're actually telling us that he must have done something, otherwise he wouldn't have been arrested.

Still, if nothing else, here's a great line from Jim Treacher:
Oh, we see how it is, England. A black man can’t have a hit song?


JuliaM said...

Quite a lot of the latest news involving the police gives one the immediate thought that we no longer have one justice system treating everyone the same...

Woman on a Raft said...

Thanks for the link.

Having combed through the comments under various blogs, it is still baffling how the police were caught up in what was obviously no more than somebody misunderstanding the conventions of seaside humour.

The villain of the piece seems to be the lecturing about racism and racially aggravated crimes. The police were so eager to show that they took this complaint seriously (for fear of a complaint if they didnt't) that they escalated it to an arrest. They seemed to think they 'had' to do it and were genuinely convinced they had to act.

The particular form they used was arrest and street bail i.e. more like making an appointment to attend the police station, but technically it is an arrest.

The efficiency of the procedure (which is what it is designed for) may have misled them in to thinking it wasn't a 'real' arrest and didn't have the capacity to cause damage if they got it wrong.

Unfortunately, because of how the CRB system works, any formal arrest and the suspicion is going to be recorded and can cause as much damage as a conviction, so there is nothing minor about an arrest and release without charge.

In fairness, it should be said that the police did not create the situation with the CRB system.

Rob said...

Sue them with maximum publicity. Get it all over the papers, get the idiotic Chief Constable squirming.

Bad publicity is the only language the police top brass understand. £4,000 compensation is f-all; it isn't their money, who cares?

Making them look like the ideological fools they are though might deter the next idiot from trying the same, but I doubt it though. The multicultural brainwashing is too deep.