Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Steyn D'Jour

Yes, indeed: it's Diversity Day at the House and who better to sum it all up than the Great Steyn:
"Diversity" is not a virtue; it's morally neutral: A group of five white upper-middle-class liberal NPR-listening women is non-diverse; a group of four white upper-middle-class liberal NPR-listening women plus Sudan's leading clitorectomy practitioner is more diverse but not necessarily the better for it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to go O/T.

I am flagging this one as a potential Mike Oscar November Alpha incident.

Lets wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Sorry; but great though your blog is, I can't take "d'Jour" any longer. 'de Jour', please.

Rob said...

de jour?

Steyn is in great form at the moment. His articles on the Wilders show trial and the Canadian opening ceremony are classics.

Rob said...

du jour, I meant. Doh (jour)

LSP said...

Well said Steyn - again.