Thursday, February 04, 2010

Who'd Have Thunk It?

Fat whiner and professional lifter of gentleman's shirts Johann Hari interviews David Cameron and banality ensues.

Don't be shocked, but Hari is enraged! by any attempts to link the gay movement with paedophilia:
But Mr Cameron, why can't you simply condemn people who call us "faggots" and "paedophiles" as homophobic ?
Yes, indeed, where could they have gotten the idea of links between the gay movement and people trying to mainstream paedophilia? Possibly from people like this guy:
[I have written] in favour of understanding and embracing despised minorities like gypsies and paedophiles...
That would be prominent gay rights activist and award-winning paedo-apologist journalist Johann Hari.

Clearly, that must have been the other Johann Hari.

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Rob said...

Meanwhile, for the first time in history, the BBC reports a huge rise in racist attacks but is completely unable to blame anyone:

I just can't work out why they aren't doing the usual bug-eyed screaming and pointing at the perpetrators. Surely it cannot be because the victims are Jews and the aggressors overwhelmingly Muslim?