Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Hard Out Here For A Race Pimp

Trixie reports that Lib Dems have been passing themselves off as Nu Tories. How can anyone tell?

On the plus side, finally, Oxbridge educated city slickers have a voice in this nation. At last, Cast Iron Dave is bringing millionaire Old Etonians out of the shadows.

Still, what are the odds, hey? Captain Diversity turns out to have the same CV as every other one of Dave's Drones. Apparently, this is the type of diversity where everyone's the same.

But let's think this thing through: in so far the only sense in which there's anything diverse about this guy is his DNA, is it still the right that's obsessed with race? Here's a guy who's lived a life of privilege and plenty and he's supposed to reach to all da brudders in da hood 'cause, hey, he kind of looks like them (or would do, if he wasn't wearing Armani). Patronising, much?

Anyway, how does this work? The Nu Tories clearly hope that there's an as yet untapped mass of black voters who'll only vote Tory if they start hiring black guys. Meanwhile, any white voter in Spelthorne who objects to arrogant, Metropolitan poltico-luvvies handing out seats in the House like a medieval King handing out Dukedoms is clearly some kind of raycist.


JuliaM said...

"Patronising, much? "

Very, very much.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, this is the type of diversity where everyone's the same.

Brilliant DJ! Wish I'd written that.