Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Weakest Palin Slam Evah?

Some days 'respectable conservatism' seems mightily like drinking the kool aid.

Yes, writing notes on your palm is exactly like being tied to a teleprompter, just like if she quotes the Declaration of Independence in a speech, that means she's a plagiarist. Huh?

Proof of concept: if Palin's notes had washed off on the way to the podium, would she have turned in to a babbling mess like....like.... this... uh... guy?

And then there's this.

Kabloooey! Suddenly I realise where I've seen this all before. Think of Sarah Palin as the Roadrunner and the 'respectable right' and all points left as Certified Super Genius Wile E Coyote. Every single time they think they've totally nailed her, they somehow end up under the boulder while Sarah disappears in the distance.

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