Sunday, August 29, 2010

Liberals: Given Up Even Trying To Make Sense

Julie passes on this gem from the Guardian:
Impassioned responses to Beck's event, Dr Laura Schlessinger's recent N-word gaffe and offensive remarks about female supreme court justices are justified and necessary. But they must occur in the context of an unrelenting commitment both to change the institutions that provide platforms for such regrettable incidents, and to move away from soundbites towards a sustained discussion of racism and sexism in all its complexity.
A-huh! So we need to move towards a sustained discussion by silencing anybody who disagrees with the left.

Still, it's a perfect example of Liberal Turettes, the strange syndrome where leftists suddenly blurt out the truth about what they really believe. Whenever sane people hear liberal arguments advanced, they're naturally appalled, hence why the left's only hope of winning the debate is to silence the opposition before hand.

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