Thursday, August 19, 2010

More on the Ground Zero Victory Mosque

This is exactly right:
It would never even occur to me, or any decent person, to erect a Museum of American Achievements in Aviation in Hiroshima.

This is not a joke -- I am not saying a museum celebrating the bomb. I am saying a museum that does exactly as I said -- notes American achievements in aviation. Not the Enola Gay, but the Wright Brothers, etc.

The museum I am talking about, hypothetically, would not be baiting, nor celebratory of the bomb, in the least. It would just be a museum of American advancements in aviation.

But of course no sentient being could possibly fail to see how Japanese would take it as a direct provocation, and a nasty reminder of the bomb that fell on Hiroshima 6 August 1945.

And if I were so stupid, tasteless, and Asperger's-afflicted to have suggested such a museum in the first place, if Japanese then told me "That brings up horrifying memories," I wouldn't then arrogantly double-down and begin explaining to them how intolerant they're being, how irrational they're being, how unfair to my enthusiasm for American airpower they're being.
All of which set me think about respected documentary maker and marathon runner Michael Moore.

Hey, wasn't fatty hailed as a hero after slamming Charlton Heston for holding a supposedly triumphalist NRA rally in Colorado soon after Columbine? Why, yes, and never mind that state law required the NRA to hold an annual meeting and that the whole 'rally' thing was kind of.... Mooresque.


Anonymous said...

This whole story reeks of the elite. How stupid would muslims be to even suggest a mosque there? They wouldnt. Any individuals or groups advocating such thing are therefore outed as pawns of the regime and should be noted as such.

Sure, once the idea gains traction then more muslims will fall behind it (privately staggered even so as everyone else is).

If muslims really did 9/11, the plan is insanity. If 9/11 was really a jewish false flag, then the mosque project is a calculated jewish insult to the dead - with the added bonus of engendering hate against muslims.

What is needed to is track back and see where the initial idea for the mosque came from. We'll probably never know but I would bet millions it wont be anyone of muslim extration.

JuliaM said...

"...but I would bet millions it wont be anyone of muslim extration."

And if it turns out to be a Muslim, he won't be a real Muslim, right?


Blognor Regis said...

Come now. It's not like Muslims would be so insensitive as to put a Mosque anywhere that would rub their defeated opponents' noses in it?

King David/Herod's temple Jerusalem, Constantinople, etc.

Anonymous said...

Julia, I should have made it clear in first comment - THERE SHOULDNT BE A SINGLE FUCKING MUSLIM IN THE USA IN THE FIRST PLACE.*
It wasnt Muslims who let Muslims into the USA.

It wasnt Muslims who let Muslims reside illegally in the US before carrying out 9/11.

Who did that?

Whoever did that was responsible for 9/11, one way or another, and when (if) we ever find out who, odds on the same people will be the originators of the ground zero mosque.

*Or in any other white country, I hope we arent going to have a tedious Islam is a religion, not a race" . In every white country Muslims immigrants are almost all of non-white extration, for all intents and purposes muslim immigration is non-white immigrtion. End of.

JuliaM said...

"Who did that?"

Why don't you come right out and tell us? Don't be shy...

Anonymous said...

Well the jews obviously.

Its simple isnt it?

Who benefits from 9/11?

Not Muslims clearly.

Israel is the most obvious benficiary. Being as they are our "ally" against radical Islam.

If there werent millions of muslims in the west we wouldnt have to worry about how radical they were, with them impotently trapped in the ME. And who else is stuck over there with them? Oh yes, Israel.

And how did millions of muslims get into the west in the first place?

Who let them in?

Was it left/liberals by any chance?

Scratch those left/liberals and what do we find, I think you know.

This is when we run into the crunch: the supposed suicide of the west regarding immigration and islam in particular. Its not actually suicide, its murder.

Remember the minaret ban in Switzerland?

Of course you do. Thats when a majority of white, non-muslim Swiss voted for a minaret ban. A minor little battle against islam but a victory nonetheless. Evidence of a non-suicidal nature amongst European whites.

And who would stand shoulder to shoulder with them, their staunch allies against islam, carry the fight against those all powerful liberals. Jews of course, who could be more opposed!

Which is why the following stories dont, of course, exist:

jewish groups oppose push to ban minarets

Rabbis fear Europe's Jews next after minaret ban

Europe’s Jews Oppose Swiss Minaret Ban

Thats the crunch, our right to exist, not to commit suicide turns out to be morally subordinate to jews right to interfere in our democracy, to impose their conception o human rights and tolerance. If jews were not in Switerland there wouldnt even be an issue.

Julia, the minaret ban should make things clear for you. If you are with us, against the suicide of the west, against mass immigration, against dhimmitude the way is clear. Minaret Ban Now! With us or against us, victory or death.

If however you start paying credence to our staunch jewish 'allies' then you cannot be on our side can you. You've bought into a whole pack of left/liberal memes about tolerance and such. That means you are one of the dhimmis.

Whose side are you on Julia? Ours, the west, democracy, rule of law, Christian etc etc Or radical islam and its jewish enablers.

You cant be both.

Like many conservatives you've be co-opted, forced to choose between white westerners or jews + islam = our "suicide".

Dont tell me, those arent real jews objecting to the minarets, right?


JuliaM said...

"Whose side are you on Julia?"

My own. Which is why this kind of laboured conspiracy theory about who is really behind it all leaves me cold.

And I was so hoping the answer was going to be shapeshifting lizards from Alpha Centauri...