Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kosovo With Kamels

By my reckoning, the US has now dropped approximately a squillion times more explosive on Libya than Reagan ever did back in the day, without receiving any of the whining from the Usual Suspects.

Of course, Reagan was bombing hapless conscripts wandering round the desert while the Obamamessiah is trying to take out terrorist training camps and Ghaddafi himself...

Wait, that's not right.

Nope, our ever-egalitarian friends on the left are OK with incinerating teenagers but arranging explosive enemas for dictators is simply beyond the pale. That makes no sense, but that appears to be a common problem right now.

Liberals were shocked that President Bush didn't have an exit strategy for Iraq (except for the whole 'winning' thing) but now they've landed us in a war without any actual entry strategy. We've gone to war to support the rebels, but without the slightest idea who they are and what they're trying to do - it's the geo-political equivalent of voting Lib Dem. Meanwhile, the actual tactics appear to be modelled on the British justice system, with force being delivered to targets in exactly inverse proportion to their significance. Imagine the air campaign as the equivalent of those police forces that arrest vicars for hate speech while ignoring honour killings.

Of course, Colonel Ghaddafi has connections to terrorism, sort of like Minister of the Crown Martin McGuiness, and he doesn't enjoy the kind of popular support the guys roaming round eastern Libya with AK47s have. Indeed, polls show 100% of people in areas occupied by people with AK47s support the people with AK47s.

The whole charge sheet against Ghaddafi appears to boil down to the idea that he's being unduly harsh in his treatment of guys rampaging round with AK47s. He's carrying out atrocious atrocities, even though the MSM has had more luck trying to flush out casualties from global warming than a bona fide case of anything Saddam wouldn't do on a slow weekend.

The MSM need to bring back the old crew from Kosovo days - those guys knew how to run with a bogus atrocity story.

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