Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Prince Andrew Calls For Left To Quit Over Links With Paedophiles

As I understand the left's current position on paedophiles, it's that they should be allowed to move next door to a playground or a primary school, but not hang out with Prince Andrew.

Hey, I'm sure his bodyguards will protect him.

I'm thinking the left may want to think carefully about emphasising that Prince Andy is 'unelected' and 'unaccountable' at the same time as the Supreme Court is busy gutting the Sex Offenders Register.

Consider the full implications of the left's position: the Sex Offenders Register has long been the left's favourite example of how sex offenders are tightly-monitored (and pay no attention to the scouser behind the curtain). Yet now, in so far as the Supreme Court has decided that the Sex Offenders Register isn't allowed to register someone just because he's a sex offender, the left's strategy has been crippled. Now they're prevented from carrying out the monitoring they claim can stop perverts striking again, all down to a handful of leftist philosopher kings on the bench.

Meanwhile, all Andy did was go to a few parties!


JuliaM said...

Can't remember who said it or where I saw it (probably on Twitter) but someone was pointing out that schmoozing unpleasant people was actually pretty much what is expected of a trade envoy.

Rob said...

Compare the Left's treatment of Prince Andrew (who is merely associating with someone who knobbed a 17 year old) with their attitude to Roman Polanski, who as far as I remember raped a 13 year old.

It has been said many times but is worth repeating - for Progressives, it is not the act which matters but the person doing it. If you are one of them everything is excusable.

Greencoat said...

I think we should ask 'Princess' Polly Toynbee to explain this.