Sunday, February 04, 2018

The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of The Patriarchy

Apparently, the online world is a cesspit of fake news and you should only trust the verified truthiness of the MSM and their deeply fact-checked stories. Like this:
Liberal Democrat deputy leader Jo Swinson has revealed how she desperately fought off an attempted rape by a ‘nice young man’ she thought was a friend.
The former Minister only stopped the horrifying attack by shouting at him that what he was about to do was rape. Ms Swinson told The Mail on Sunday last night: ‘I was really under threat. I was physically pushing him away and saying, “I do not want to do it.” 
Sounds like we need to get this guy off the street ASAP! To the Batmobile, Robin!

But wait....
The traumatic incident happened in the late 1990s when she was a 19-year-old studying at the London School of Economics. She declined to name the attacker, who was a fellow student. 
Yep, this guy was so dangerous she decided to do absolutely nothing about him and still won't name him.

Say, does Haven Monahan have an alibi?
Ms Swinson, a former Business Minister in the Coalition Government, added: ‘He was about to do something horrendous and I managed to get him to stop. I told him, “If you make me, that’s rape.”
Alternative Interpretation: this silly cow goes back to some guy's place at 1 AM, he tries to get to first base, and she freaks out and calls him a rapist.

Which is not deranged at all.

Speaking personally, I'm thinking that if anyone dodged a bullet here, it was the guy who belatedly realised why no man should ever talk to a feminist.

They hate you simply for existing, hence why they come out with stuff like this: 
There is this view among many that this violence against women is something which is sort of the stranger leaping out of the dark alley, or a whole different series of horrible people that they wouldn’t have anything to do with.

Actually, what I took from that experience was that I could very easily see how rape could happen and the rapist could be a nice young man who would not consider that would be something he could do.
Yes, indeed, feminism is a nut shell: the complete lack of evidence that a guy is a rapist just means he's the worst type of rapist of them all, a non-raping rapist. He's clearly the kind of cunning predator who hides his evil by not committing any offenses whatsoever.

Oh, and the real reason she's suddenly remembered she was, like, kind of raped. Sort of:
Ms Swinson reveals her distressing experience in a new book, Equal Power. Described as a ‘call to arms’, it examines inequality issues – from the gender pay gap to everyday sexism – and how to turn them around. 
Yes, she's taking on sexism by pushing deranged conspiracy theories like 'rape culture'. Tune in next week when she'll be taking on antisemitism by demanding universities teach the Protocols of Zion.

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Refuses to name him. She was 19 years old. She has a book out.
Never happened.