Monday, October 21, 2019

PC Is Class War In Disguise

Julie's right again: no matter how hard you play the victim card, there's always someone higher up in the progressive stack ready to trump you.
Doreen Lawrence, whose 18-year-old son was murdered by a gang of racists in south-east London in 1993, said she has "no doubt" the response to the inferno that killed 72 people was motivated by racism.
"Had that been a block full of white people, they’d have done everything to get them out as fast as possible and make sure that they did what they needed to do," she said, in an interview with Channel 4 News last week.
Say, anyone thinking someone may have been turned down on their offer of anti-racism consultancy services for the Fire Brigade?

Expect our fearless MSM to ask about that about the same time they ask anyone on the left if they support this loony theory. 

Reminder: Fat Dave Cameron thought this sleaze was worthy of the exact same honour given to the longest serving Prime Minister of the Twentieth Century. Truly, he is the gift that keeps on giving.

A vote of thanks too for the BBC, who voted her Britain's most influential women in 2014, numerous universities who gave her honorary degrees, and the Pride of Britain Award's which gave her a lifetime achievement award, none of whom apparently noticed she was a race-hustling low-life. 

Say, why does that sound familiar? 

Channel 4's managed to beat them all though now. Here's a channel that constantly preaches about the dangers of inflammatory rhetoric and sneers at supposed conspiracy theories but carries claims of racist conspiracies to commit mass murder without asking for a single shred of proof.

Say what you like about T**** R******* but at least there really are jihadist rape gangs - except, apparently, we can ignore him because he's a hatey-hater.

Well, OK, then, if those are the rules, what do we call a bunch of Metropolitan rich kids who happily push insane theories about the fire brigade as a branch of the KKK?

Channel 4 ran with these claims without asking for a shred of proof because they believe it to be self-evident that any group of blue-collar, white, folks will be a cesspit of deranged bigotry. Their readiness to believe this insanity is proof of how much of PC is just plain class hatred.

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