Thursday, June 28, 2018

And Just Like That 'Culture' Ceased To Matter

As I was saying, the worst thing about the Usual Suspects blaming every single problem suffered by the white working class on the supposed evils of white culture is that they would never in a million years apply the same logic to any other group. 

Consider Exhibit A.

Yes, indeed. The food businesses in the country with the lowest hygiene scores are in Birmingham and Hyndburn in Lancashire, and the MSM acts like it's a real three pipe problem: who can possibly say what's behind this phenomenom?

Not the Daily Mail, that's for sure. The Fearless Voice of Britain illustrates the article with a picture of fish and chips... because that's exactly the kind of establishment where this happens.

It's gets dafter. Say what you like about him, but Stan Collymore at least states the point clearly. Black commentators are sell outs if they're inoffensive *or* if they're likeable. Basically, the only way to keep it real is to be an obnoxious thug.

At least he's in the clear then!

Personally, I admire him for stating openly what is merely implied by charmers like Diane Abbot and 'Detective Dave' Lammy (when not hunting for the hidden dead bodies from Grenfell). Stripped of their standard evasions and slippery euphemisms, these people have spent years pushing the idea that  dysfunctional insanity is the true barometer of black authenticity. But don't you dare suggest that might have any negative social consequences....

...because that would be RACISSSSS!

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