Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Moronic Convergence Continues

Further evidence for Tim Blair's that all the world's idiocies are converging into one big ball o'stupid.
The BBC was under attack last night for paying expenses to a disgraced academic who says the 7/7 London bombings may have been an intelligence agency conspiracy...

Dr Kollerstrom, 61, who also denies the Holocaust, is due to appear in a programme in the BBC's Conspiracy Files series.
Of course, some of us would also say that the media narrative of four loveable young scallywags who, totally for no reason at all, suddenly decide to blow stuff up is ridiculous. The only problem is that, in so far as we ascribe the bombings to Islam, we wouldn't be allowed to say that on the BBC.

On the contrary, the BBC constantly issues pious proclamations about the dangers of 'extremism'. Even a simple statement of Islamic doctrine is apparently as too 'inflammatory' - another favourite word - for the BBC.

The BBC has long established itself as an organisation that would rather see whole theatre-fulls of people roast than give airtime to anyone shouting 'fire!', except now it turns out that neither extremism nor inflammatory rhetoric are problems for the BBC, after all. You just have to be the right kind of extremist.

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