Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Quick, someone phone pretendey conservative Tim Loughton - I might just have solved the mystery of why social workers are not 'respected on a par with teachers, doctors and other public service professionals.'
A social worker sacked after the murder of Victoria Climbie was yesterday offered a chance of getting another job working with children - to the fury of her professional watchdog....

After the Climbie death, Miss Arthurworrey was sacked by Haringey and lost an employment tribunal case to win her job back, and was banned from social work. But three years ago a Care Standards Tribunal said she was 'another victim' of the Climbie affair and said she should be allowed to work in child protection.

Yesterday the same body said a decision by the General Social Care Council to refuse to register as a social worker was wrong. The ruling means the Council may now have to reconsider.
True, at the time of her death Victoria Climbie had 128 wounds or scars on her body, but social workers were victims too!

Let's revisit just one example of how this professional handled her job:
She visited the flat where Victoria lived twice in the last months before her death, but, after getting no answer, decided the family had left the area.
As you do.

Apparently, social work is a profession, but not in the sense of having any actual standards. To hammer the point home again, this isn't any kind of judgement call here. Here's someone who has stuck two fingers up to any kind of professional conduct, but even that doesn't merit the ol' heave ho.

In so far as social workers have no problem with this women as a member of their profession, how come they sulk when anyone else cites her as an example ?

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