Monday, June 02, 2008

We're All Evil

Yep, this was pretty much my response to this story too.

Actually, it did give me pause for thought - isn't it normally the degenerates on the left that go in for blood dancing ? Shouldn't some things be above politics ?

Well, yes, they should, but it's people like Regan who decided personal tragedy is fair game for politics in the first place. To paraphrase Ann Coulter, if the case for gun control is so strong, how come it's never made by someone we can answer back to ?

Regan ruthlessly exploited her victim status to advance some truly vile positions, for example casting country doctors who like to blow off steam by shooting a few clays as slathering, homicidal maniacs. That would have been objectionable enough at the best of times, but consider just who her son actually was....

Or rather don't - the BBC omits his background from its report. You have to know to click on the supporting links to find out the real story:
When Danny Regan was shot dead a few days before Christmas in 2002, he was not mourned by many beyond his close family and friends.

After all he was a drug dealer who carried a gun and wore a bullet-proof vest because of the treacherous circles he moved in.
He wasn't a victim of gun crime, he was gun crime!

Hey, if having guns on the street mean people like this get shot, let's give glocks away free in cornflake packets. Cruel ? No - just making a point. It was already illegal for the 'victim' to have a firearm - and no one is seriously suggesting that it should ever be legal for a piece of slime like him to own a gun - but that didn't stop a known drug dealer from obtaining an illegal firearm. The only thing the death of Danny Regan says about gun control is that it doesn't work.

Equally, for all that Regan and her fellow hags were trying to convince us that suburban school kids on the way to the library were at risk of being gunned down by deranged accountants, just how many of the alleged victims of gun crime turn out to be 'playas' themselves ? Meanwhile, you could harass every GP in the country and it wouldn't make a blind bit of difference to the scumbag classes.

Like JuliaM points out, looking at the Regan family history, guns are not their biggest problem. You couldn't have a better metaphor for everything that wrong with modern Britain than the matriarch of a clan of dysfunctional lunatics being hailed as a courageous truth teller for defaming tens of thousands of law-abiding professionals who just like to shoot at the weekend.

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