Monday, June 09, 2008

I'm Waiting For The Guy Who Accidentally Claimed Too Little

The good news is that at last we found an area where even rabid big government MPs (i.e. 99% of them) admit they rules and regulations are too ludicrously absurd for anyone to grasp. The bad news is that the area in question is MP's expenses.

Caroline Spelman is the latest MP to get all confused. She knows how your business should be run, and what school your kids should go to, but she's still struggling with the whole secretary/nanny distinction.

Needless to say, Tory kool aid drinkers are just enraged at the whole suggestion of sleaze. Apparently, the Tories new motto will be 'you can't prove nuffink, guv!'. For the sake of their slimy argument, let's specify that the evidence of criminality is not 'beyond reasonable doubt', or even enough for a 'balance of probabilities' test. Fine - we're not trying to deprive her of her liberty or her property. We're just don't think someone who is, by her own description, borderline retarded should be running the country.

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