Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Neo-Prohibitionists: Innumerate

Apparently, our neo-prohibitionist friends have decided on a new angle of attack: drinking makes women look like transvestites. Isn't that a hate crime ?

More to the point, consider the evidence for this new approach - the real evidence, not the neo-prohib sock puppets in the comment thread explaining how they drink 200 pints a night but now they're totally giving up...
Research by the charity revealed that two out of five women are worried about the physical impact of drink and only a third about health risks.
Gott in himmell! That's almost an extra seven percent! Now, that's a roaring endorsement....

More to the point, it's going to take a whole brewery full of booze for any woman to end up as unattractive as one of these pinch-mouthed, lemon-sucking, prohibitionist witches scowling in the corner.

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