Sunday, June 01, 2008

Kooks, In Their Own Words

I guess we can file this under 'Liberals Mugged By Reality'. Doubtless, if he'd claimed it could happen on one of his shows, he'd have been shouted down.

Here's my favourite bit:
It seemed in theory we were fine,’ says Gavin, ‘but not in practice. We kept being told we had the wrong ethnic background even when a child was only a quarter black, Caribbean or even Irish.

We were turned down to adopt a baby who was an eighth Jewish, something not even her foster family knew.
Himmler just e-mailed to say he sees where social services are coming from, but he thinks they're going a little too far.

Actually, that's not the daftest case of this type I've heard of. An Indian couple of my acquaintance are looking to adopt but, for reasons that will no doubt escape liberals, there aren't that many Indian babies out there. Naturally enough, they asked about a native child but no: no Indians - not even super-assimilated, British-born, professional ones - are allowed to adopt natives, otherwise the kid would lose contact with his culture.

Yep - social workers are worried that a British child being raised in Britain won't be exposed to British culture. These people are literally insane.

When social workers are talking amongst themselves, they're quite open about their racial obsessions. Then again, it seems like these folks are plenty choosy about what constitutes goodthink. Fathers are an optional extra. Family breakdown is fun. Gobbling down the open borders' kool aid is compulsory (just don't let them adopt native kids).

All of the above is important not only as another example of how our diverse! friends on the left always turn out to be kind of monotone, but also because it illustrates what the right has been saying for years. These people are agenda-driven kooks. Tough luck if you're a white, middle-class British family that comes to their attention. On the other hand, in so far as these folks criticise Cameron(!) for not grovelling enough to the gay rights movement, you have to question their ability to monitor... no, it's already happened.

Like I keep saying, these people don't keep victimising the innocent and ignoring the guilty merely as a result of some weird psychological compulsion or a collective head injury. They do it because they're left-wing social engineers, using innocent people as sock puppets in the culture war. That's what drives them - child protection is just a flag of convenience.

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