Monday, June 23, 2008

We Knew That

Now the wheels have really come off the AIDS bandwagon, even the Guardian is scrambling to find a way to blame it all on the right - and they've come up with a lu-lu:
Both Conservative and New Labour governments exploited the disease to create a new moral framework for society. Through baseless fearmongering, officials sought to police and regulate the behaviour of the public. No longer able to appeal to outdated Victorian ideals of chastity or restraint, the powers-that-be used the spectre of an Aids calamity to terrify us into behaving "responsibly" in sexual and social matters.
OLD NARRATIVE: Evil Lady Thatcher didn't take the spread of AIDS seriously enough because she hated gays.

NEW NARRATIVE: Evil Lady Thatcher invented the AIDS scare just to be a buzzkill.

This is why it's important that we nail these liberals down now, otherwise ten years from now, we'll start hearing about how climate change was all an evil right-wing conspiracy.

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