Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Chelski Refute The Case For Race-Hustling

So, farewell then Avram Grant, you were.... kind of OKish, really.

I understand Abramovich had a replacement in mind who was as qualified as Grant, but with a higher profile and more public respect. The only problem was that Amy Winehouse was tied up working on her next album.

No - just kidding: it was actually the drug testing that put her off. Still, there is an important point here. Chelsea's recruitment policies ('all Jews, all the time') may be legally dubious, but look what's it got Abramovich: zillions of pounds spent on a team that keeps falling apart at the last hurdle.

Last season at Chelsea was one big rebuttal to the whole race-relations industry. Abramovich decided to exclude virtually all of the qualified candidates for the manager's job, and ended up with a very marginal manager. No need for tribunals and girly hysteria about all those gentile victims of discrimination. The realities of ruthless competition punished Chelsea far more effectively than the race hustlers ever could have done.

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