Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Important Public Service Announcement

Remember: UKIP are a collection of shaved chimpanzees, not even worth bothering with. 

Hell, don't even know why I mentioned them.

Hey, if they were any good, they'd be able to come up with super brilliant strategies like attacking the party that represents people left on the kerb by the political classes with the line that they're a bunch of squaresville bumpkins who probably live in 'semis' and send their kids to state schools.

As it it, I'm thinking this may just be the point where the Tory offensive turned from farce to actual insanity.

Mind you, you'd think the Tories would know enough to avoid bringing up the subject of self-proclaimed Messiahs who led their countries to disaster, all the while ranting about how they had been betrayed by their peoples. But no: hence the inevitable (complete with 'Little Britain' reference!).


North Northwester said...

The muppets really are worried about UKIP. But remember; calling someone a Nazi is just a socialist's way of not discussing actual real-live socialism because the evidence is embarrassing, a liberal’s way of not discussing actual real-live liberalism because the evidence is embarrassing, and a Conservative’s way of not discussing actual real-live conservatism because the evidence is non-existent.

JuliaM said...

And after yesterday, who's laughing now?

Well, me! Ahahahahahaha!