Monday, June 24, 2013

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Yeah, yeah, all true: it is kind of sleazy the way the Usual Suspects are anxious to blame it all on 'The Government' without telling us which government, but how much sympathy can you have with The Dave?

Not only did The World's Smartest Man leave these people in place, but he actually made that one of his key selling points. The Dave explicitly marketed himself as a post-ideological PM, throwing those suburban squares with all their talk of 'culture war' under the bus, in favour of canap├ęs with fellow members of the political class like the CQC.

Now it turns out that liberal political hacks used their positions to try and push the left's narrative even to point of putting innocent lives at risk and the Dear Leader claims to be shocked - shocked - to find you can't trust lefty fanatics. But he still can't bring himself to denounce them with half the passion he uses to condem anyone who might vote UKIP.

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North Northwester said...

If you sup with the devil, we are advised to use a long spoon.

iDave was happy enough (before the General Election that elevated him to national impotence and international obscurity) to be photographed by mainstream journalists in puff pieces about his total sang-froid while he stood next to melting glaciers and indeed when cycling from his solar-powered house to work. So shouldn’t he have hoped or at least sought to ensure somehow that when schmoozing with scribblers, they should use a long pencil?
Perhaps not.

But the Duke of Cool’s personal sang-froid turns to our schadenfreude when Cast Iron Man, fresh from his twin victories reducing the RAF to ideal levels ; at least from the point of view of, say, the German Chancellor of 1939, and in making marriage available to everyone who wants one, irrespective of, say, any historical view that marriage might have something to do with producing and protecting children in stable families, and thus presiding over a fractured nation – or land-mass - where ‘gay’ is likely to trump family more often, finds himself accused of something that, if true, flourished under Labour.

I guess that putting Chris Patten in charge of the BBC was another masterstroke of Cameron’s undoubted genius, and I can’t wait for the man who helped make Hong Kong the haven of peace and democracy that it is today to swing into action to put the record of government snooping on law-abiding British subjects straight.