Thursday, May 23, 2013

Liberals Ask Why Was No Action Taken Against No One In Particular

There is no greater barometer of the complete uselessness of Britain's Professional Conservatives than that the left has decided to blame the Woolwich attack on the Security Services for not stopping the killers.

It's as if they're so sure of their hegemonic control of the culture that they think they can push any old rubbish.

What exactly do liberals think should have been done? They've spent years as Arthur Dent lying down in front of the bulldozer, loudly insisting that this whole 'terrorism' thing is just a few high-spirited Jihad-the-Lads, everything's fine and anyone who says anything different is some kind of extremist nut.

More to the point, even while they explain that they totally would have done, like, something different, they can't even bring themselves to say who they would have done it to.


johnd2008 said...

It is about time that these people produced the Crystal ball that they must obviously be using. It must be wonderful to be so right every time.

JuliaM said...

And now we learn that MI5 were thinking of recruiting one!

Less 'Spooks', more 'People Do The Funniest Things!'...

Furor Teutonicus said...

They are just having a "hissy spitty fit" because they can not blame the police for "Harrasing/arresting/shooting the wrong sort of plumber".

Their Headlines have been whipped from under their feet.

And yes, I WAS born cynical.

Lurker said...

Of course the real issue is allowing unwanted alien hordes to settle here in the first place.