Tuesday, October 08, 2013

BSc MONA Studies

Is this not the most perfect example of modern policing you've ever seen?

How about a bit less emphasis on 'feeling safe' and more on actually being safe? But no, wandering wound with a guy in a blue body suit is one thing, but actually releasing useful information is a little.... controversial.


JuliaM said...

"...planned as a part of a fun campaign to help new undergraduates feel safe from yobs."

I know the infantilisation of the generations continues apace, but really...

Nick Roberts said...

Oh, Morph! Tony Hart would be… Well, Tony Hart was an officer of Gurkhas and perhaps believed he was serving to build a world where young women aren’t raped on their first weekend at university.
But if the article illustrates anything beyond the possibility that young male homo sapiens aren’t automatically to be considered as safe as gerbils because we live in the Inclusive Land of Nice, the comments section neatly exposes the mindset (and I think that the first four sevenths of that word are untrue) of the detractors of the Daily Mail…

David, Solihull, 1 day ago.
“This article seems to be suggesting that a student was raped because the police sent out a bloke in fancy dress. Your journalist must be far cleverer than me, Daily Mail, because I can't see the connection.”

How about that? Dave, dear, sweet Dave. How many hundreds – thousands?- of man-hours and pounds sterling did it waste to:

A) Propose the idea to superior officers who might have been better employed seeking out sex offenders breaking their asbos or curfews,
B) Sit in committee discussing the feasibility, funding and safety implications of sending the thin blue blob down the Shaghouse,
C) Liaising with the student union and developing a risk assessment instead of having a quiet word with the local scrotes about the truly Lunar swimming opportunities available to would-be down-on-gown sexual assault,
D) Passing word that undercover cops will be mingling amongst undergrad revelers looking for ruffies and other miscreants?
E) Building really solid cases against local unpunished sexual predators that no amount of mitigation would set free?

But, David, if you pass your life unquestioningly existing in a culture that not only sacrificed guns (in the right hands) in favour of persuading people not to eat butter, how can you expect to understand such simple, anachronistic concepts such as an ounce of prevention (falling on previous sexual predators like a ton of bricks) is better than a pound of cure in the form of victim counselling and psychological reports in mitigation to protect the offender?
And look how useful the security cameras turned out to be!