Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Liberal Outrage: You Can't Say That (But They Can)

Don't be shocked, but it turns out that our would-be Twitter Police are graduates of the Al Gore School of Leading By Example. Apparently, threats of sexual multilation and AIDS gags count as cutting edge humour, provided you're really in with the in crowd.

They're not even hiding it any more, they really are arguing that they can say things other people can't 'cause they're, like, licenced media people.

All of which makes this call for civility halfway between the Duke of Wellington complaining that railways will allow the working class to move around and a consortium of buggy whip makers calling for a clampdown on the anarchic world of automobile manufacturing.

It's the perfect example of how liberalism has gobbled up socialism. Here we have the party of the left giving house room to a bunch of absurdly well-connected members of the New Class complaining that they let anyone on the 'net these days.

It's the perfect example of the fraud of political correctness. PC was always about giving soi dissant socialists an alibi for sneering at the lower orders. Keeping up with the absurd PC euphemism d'jour is just the left's version of knowing which knife to use for the fish course. Being unconcerned about the impact of open borders on public services is their equivalent of the old aristocracy professing to know nothing about 'trade', such proletarian matters are simply beneath them, doncha'know?

For proof of all this, consider the Twitter Wars Bandwagon Jumper In Chief: Stella Creasy. She claims to be worried, shocked, appalled and worried again about fellow media luvvies facing rape threats on Twitter, but what happened when girls in Rochdale were facing real rapes? The Criminal Protection Service and the Police buried these cases and where was Stella? Chaining herself to the railings, or happy to climb aboard the Good Ship Diden C Nuffinkguv? Need you ask?

Stella's the fearless fighter against fantasy rapes, who doesn't want to know about real ones. Truly, she is a heroine for our times.

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Mr Grumpy said...

Spot on. Though I'm not sure it isn't more a case of socialism gobbling up liberalism. They'll be wanting Zil lanes next.