Monday, August 19, 2013

Joe McCarthy Was Right

Like the Great Man said, if it was just stupidity, wouldn't random chance mean that these errors wouldn't always favour exactly the same cause?

Mind you, considering the demographic involved, 2000 non-existent people appearing from nowhere is standard practice. They're probably all on the electoral roll in Bradford.


Mr Grumpy said...

As a multiply oppressed person she is fully entitled to use whatever statistics best articulate her anger. Have you checked your privilege?

Nick Roberts said...

I think you may be a bit off on this one.
Baroness Warsi is the epitome of the new British patriotism I’m sure we all wish and hope for amongst our new Muslim neighbours. Wasn’t it she and the equally exemplary Labour peer Lord Ahmed who went to Khartoon to smooth the anxieties of a cheerful 2,000-strong crowd of machete owners who gathered in good natured protest against the British teacher who had insensitively agreed to her class voting to name a teddy bear after its owner, a Sudanese tot called Mohammed? With no axe to grind, and in a rare yet exemplary example of cross-party co-operation, these two fully integrated British Muslims travelled to a foreign land to help and bring home a British subject in need of friendly guidance and a ride back home. It’s difficult to imagine a better illustration of how British Muslims acting as ambassadors of our lawful and freedom-loving traditions can reach out to the larger Muslim world to explain the nature of democracy – voting by a majority to name the bear Mohammed (a popular name in both Sudan and in England) - and to explain to both Britain and an ignorant world how in fact religion played no part in the issue.
Shame on you, DJ. Must try harder.