Sunday, August 04, 2013

Who Could Have Seen This Coming?

Well, apart from absolutely everyone.

Yes, indeed: it turns out that the law which was drafted to prevent this happening turns out not to prevent this happening. Or, to put it another way, us conspiracy nuts were right and the Nu Tory Party's fanboys in the MSM were either lying or insanely gullible.

Like I keep saying, every statement by David Cameron comes with a sell by date. This law was totes not going to impose on religious freedom, but that was then, and this is now, so no doubt we all need to 'move on'. 


JuliaM said...

The Left are countering with 'Oh, but he stands no chance of winning his case blah blah blah...'.

They think we'll forget they are playing the long game.

Bobo said...

Somebody should demand the right to have a gay marriage in a mosque. Quite frankly if anybody wants to be Mrs Bobo,let me know and we can have a quick convert to Islam and then its off to Finsbury Park for the ceremony.

Nick Roberts said...

The first Salvationist to stand up in some gay bar's silent moment between Abba tracks to sing 'Amazing Grace' will, of course, be a Hate Criminal.

It's all about who you are that gives you the Everyday Awayday Everywhere You Bloody Likeday Travel Pass.