Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another Memeber of the Tiny Minority

Like I keep saying, if it's the right that's a hot bed of extremism, how come it's always the left that gets caught hiring guys like this?

On the plus side, he's 'reformed' - but he can't seem to say exactly what differentiates him from the jihadists save for some quibbling about methodology. and timescales.

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Nick Roberts said...

And the Liberal Democrats being masters of moderation firmly and staked out in the middle ground of British politics are perfectly positioned to help establish a typical British compromise. They will tolerate neither of the extreme positions here; standing against both the tiny bomb-and-conquer jihadist minority on the one hand and on the other the fanatical far-Right fantasy of upholding a single set of nationwide laws and constitutional arrangements.
Instead, the Lib-Dems are likely to encourage a safe haven for Muslims in the UK where marital propriety and public morality, and specifically Islamic property and religious rights can be respected and upheld with equal force as the Common Law and statutes - both British and EU - that apply to everyone else.
There will likely need to be some adjustment on the non-Muslim community’s side to respect the spirit of the arrangement and thus protect this small and beleaguered minority. This might involve official and private recognition that in some parts of certain towns and in certain aspects of life Islamic law and practice should trump the majority’s erstwhile universal.
Community cohesion, being as important as it is to – well - community cohesion, no other considerations should be treated as valid in this matter. I really think the Lib-Dems are onto something here.