Sunday, August 11, 2013

They Can Give It Out....

Surely everyone now knows that member of thr Inner Party are not to be quizzed as though they were commoners?

No doubt this will be the next bogus scandal after the Twitter Wars. Meanwhile, don't hold your breath waiting to find out how many times during his tenure the BBC ran shows featuring alleged 'consumer' journalists ambushing small businessmen?

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Nick Roberts said...

It seems Mr Thompson’s got a lot going for him if he’s been proven to be unquestionably innocent of all the Savile accusations by a fellow broadcasting big-hitter and if he can get a plumb post by moving straight from the politically-neutral BBC to the Left-leaning New York Times.
Despite the suspect testimony of a suspiciously-anonymous ‘witness,’ it is helpful to concerned world citizens that the CEO of America’s newspaper of record was able to provide the telling context; that rather than the surprised interviewee losing his temper at a moment of stress and shock as is usual in such cases, it was the supposedly well-prepared ‘journalist’ who lost his temper, which is unusual.