Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It's The Future In HD

Yes, indeed, price hikes in fuel are all down to greedy capitalist pig dogs.

Ditto, poverty in retirement is all down to those meany insurance companies.

Likewise, the cost of legal advice is.... No, wait, it turns out that lawyers are hard working altruists and the government should just air drop blank cheques over Lincoln's Inn Fields until Hell freezes over. Still, that's obviously one of those cases where we just don't understand the nuance.

For every other line of business though, it's all aboard the John Galt Express to Caracas:
"I want a Sony plasma television for the house," said Amanda Lisboa, 34, a business administrator who waited seven hours outside a Caracas Daka store, similar to Best Buy. "It's going to be so cheap!"
What could possibly go wrong?


Nick Roberts said...
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Nick Roberts said...

Well, I for one truly believe that my meager stocks and shares ISAs would be better managed if the government capped what the unit trusts can spend investigating markets, particular companies, and the political and economic state of play in the various countries where my few quid are invested. I mean, how much can there be to find out?

Likewise, the National Health Service would get a better deal for us customers if it stocked up on ‘supermarket own brand’ generic drugs. It would do better still if it only allowed doctors to spend time and money on, say, investigating two or three diagnoses from a narrow range of possibilities per patient per year. Simples!

Even then, they’d be giving us more choice from a wider range of ideas than - glad you mentioned it - our three main political parties

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Venezuela has more oil and gas than Saudi Arabia and the fat cats aren't "the bourgeoisie" at all....

Now departed, decidedly ex- Presidente Hugo Chavez won his last election by handing out white goods for votes to people many of who have no regular electricity on a scale that would make Argos executive blanche