Sunday, December 01, 2013

Fictional Character Threatened By Fictional Problem

Bad news everyone: a guy who dresses up and reads stuff off a script is warning about the dangers of ManBearPig.

 I got nuffink!

Seriously, this is the perfect example of Ann Coulter's line that the left's biggest advantage is their resistance to parody. How can you satirise this? It's like they've sucked all the stupid out of the room.

These are the guys who call the right ignorant morons but I don't notice any of us warning that if green taxes aren't cut, Santa won't be able to heat his house properly and he'll die of hypothermia... except that actually happens to people, unlike Gerbil Worming which, much like Santa on Christmas Eve, covers the whole planet without leaving a single trace of its existence.

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Nick Roberts said...

It’s also rendered your comments section unnecessary. I suppose if anyone was going to get close, it would be Julia TM. But quite how many “I… I just”s and “/facepalm”s can reach anywhere near the stratosphere of fantasy they’ve reached this time, I just don’t know.