Monday, March 25, 2013

Journalists Thought They Were The Wife Not The Other Women

Really, I can't get too excited about the whole post-Leveson thing. Yes, it's an outrageous act of governmental thuggery, on the other hand, the MSM's been perfectly happy to help the government shred plenty of other rights, just as long as it wasn't their ox being gored.

 Take the whole 'hate speech' thing. The very same people in the press who are now sermonising about the vital importance of a free press were the ones who helped throw free speech under the bus. Ditto, freedom of association, freedom of religion and free trade. Pre-Levenson one of the few certainties was that wherever there was a jackboot stamping on the face of a citizen, there would be MSM journalists there to report that it was a far-right, extremist face that didn't even recycle its rubbish properly.

Just as long as journalists thought they were fellow insiders, they were happy to pal around with politicians, sniggering at the Ford-driving classes. Now the MSM has found out that the pols just aren't that into them and suddenly they want us to believe they're Voltaire reborn.

Honestly, it's enough to make Monica Lewinsky look dignified.

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Bobo said...

Neither set of scum can do without the other. Expect a rapprochement fairly soon.