Monday, February 18, 2013

Compare & Contrast: New Dave Order Edition

Mentioning that the National Socialist German Workers Party was, in fact, just a little socialist? Fired!

Praising a terrorist? Carry on!
Of course there are differences. One of them was talking about a mad man who ranted about how God commanded him to crush the aliens polluting his sacred land, while the other was talking about Hitler.

Still, the comparison is compelling. As ever though we should not let the obvious foulness of the Cameroonian position blind us to the more profound foulness of it all. When exactly did conservatives start talking fondly of 'conviction politicians'? When did that get to be a good thing?

The whole point about conservatism is scepticism about government in general and politicians with big ideas in particular. When actual conservatives cite the guy ranting about how Ulster Protestants are alien transplants who deserve no rights, they mean it as an example of why politicians can't be trusted.

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Rob said...

I think it is a simpler issue - Dave is just terrified of the liberal media so he'll jettison anything to please them.

Which is why I won't be voting for him. Nor will the liberal media, but he doesn't seem to get that