Monday, February 25, 2013

At Least Astrologers Don't Have A Body Count

It's another great day for the Rehab Industry:
A serial rapist who tied his girlfriend's housemate to a bed before killing her and dismembering her body was today sentenced to serve at least 37 years in prison...
The court heard how Sharp was allowed back on to the streets after multiple convictions for sex crimes stretching back 30 years, despite telling parole officers he fantasised about raping and killing women.
Oh, what does he know? He's probably just another tabloid-reading goon who didn't even go to Oxbridge.

Seriously though, if even the predator himself admitting to planning his next crime doesn't ring any alarm bells, this does kind of blow the whole 'carefully monitored'  thing out of the water. If nothing else, I think we need a benchmark here, we need to be told just what would have made Dr Julian Rubbish and his pals act.

Naaah. Just kidding. Nothing would have made these guys sound the alarm. It's the fundamental calculus of the Rehab Industry. They claim to be 100% successful and when an inconvenient body or two turn up, they go the class war route and try to claim all their critics are lager-poisoned Jeremy Kyle viewers who just don't appreciate the subtle genius required to consistently free maniacs to strike again.

There is no better measure of how utterly liberalism has triumphed over socialism than that such a frank appeal to snobbery is considered a winning argument for the left.

A vote of thanks too for the feminists. They're outraged that anyone would suggest that getting wasted then walking through the city alone at 2:00 AM isn't such a great move, but the courts setting perverts loose to strike again?

Cat got you tongue, ladies?

Truly, they are the Stepford Wives of the left.

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North Northwester said...

The Permissive Society: transforming potentially reformed ex-cons into repeat offenders since 1966.