Monday, December 15, 2008

Liberals Against Diversity

How come we never need Depts of Social Work that 'look like Britain'? Instead, we have departments that look like the student's union from hell. Take this for the latest example.

Yep, someone who's married to the Mad Bomber gets to define what is and is not a dysfunctional family. What could possibly go wrong?
In that role [i.e. director of children’s services], she approved the forced removal of Mark and Nicky Webster’s three children, all then under five – a decision condemned by Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb as ‘an appalling miscarriage of justice’ and which has been highlighted by The Mail on Sunday.

The Websters fought a long battle to prove they had not harmed their children. Last year, experts agreed that leg injuries suffered by one youngster were due not to physical abuse but to a disorder that stopped him eating anything other than soya milk.
So someone who thinks terrorist bombers are cute, has no qualms about pursuing the innocent. Who's have thunk it?

This is what I keep saying: it's not about 'judgement calls'. It's about the fact that these people are fringe lunatics whose world view is completely out of the mainstream.

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