Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Guns Don't Kill People, MSM Witch Hunts Kill People

Thinking further about the possible role of Indian hoplophobia in the Mumbai massacre,it occurs to me that this battle not only debunks the supposed dangers of lax gun laws, it also exposes another favourite myth of the hoplophobes.

These people assure us that the public doesn't need to be able to defend themselves because, just as soon as the first shot is fired, professional law enforcers will descend upon the felon and bring him to justice. That would be questionable merely from first principles, but there's something deeper going on there. Allegedly supa-smart police managers to the contrary, you can't produce skilled firearms officers in a basically hoplophobic culture.

There's the obvious problem that in such a culture, firearms teams are going to suffer from shortages of both resources and talented personnel, simply through being treated as the mad woman in the attic of policing. More than that though, there's the fact the culture, both inside and outside the police, does not support the kind of aggressive action that's required to successfully deal with heavily-armed felons. To put it another way, consider the apparently bizarre news that many Indian police officers ended the day carrying as much ammo as they started with. Just why did they not even fire a shot?

Well, here's one answer. Turns out the police were already being raked over the coals for a shooting which the hipsterinders had deemed to be unnecessary, and so....

Wait, that seems familiar somehow. Say, anyone know if they're making a film about Rahul Raj?

No, wait: he doesn't qualify for the full hagiography - he had a right to be in India and wasn't a professional fraudster.

I guess we're back where we came in. Just as the MSM and the rest of the moral dyslexics carefully tot up crimes involving legally-held guns, but never those where available weapons would have helped save lives, so we will never, ever, see anyone in the MSM ask whether or not the deranged cop hatred and knee jerk hoplophobia amongst their colleagues contributed to the body count in Mumbai.

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