Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Child Dies After Social Workers Rule 'Not At Risk', Liberals Enraged

Specifically, they're enraged at people mentioning the case.

Hey, like I keep saying, if social workers aren't a bunch of leftist kooks, how come liberals always close ranks round them? Note that in a shocking break with tradition these people don't engage with the substance of the charges, they just try and smear the critics. See, that's the whole thing: people are disgusted by the death of a young child after another brilliant decision by social services, and liberals are baffled by it. No one could seriously regret the loss of innocent life, so what game are they really playing?

Needless to say, when you look at the case itself, all the usual elements are in place. True, you can argue just how much could have been done to save the child, but social workers didn't even try. On the contrary, they reportedly took a 'positive' view of a pair of dysfunctional lunatics with a record of drug abuse and violence (including homicide). The bottom line is that this is just further proof that the criteria used by social workers to assess families are completely bananas.

Thanks to years of collective binging on the femiloon, pink, psychobabble kool aid, social workers are convince that the traditional family is a hot bed of abuse and, by 'eck, they'll got to any lengths to prove it. Meanwhile, anybody who can convincingly claim victim status gets a pass, with even violent insanity and drug abuse treated as just proof of authenticity.

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