Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Liberal: Hey, You Know Who's Just Like The People Who Killed Baby P? You Are!

Is anyone still taking Barnado's seriously? It's like the whole organisation has gone on a coke & sodium penthol binge, and now they can't stop telling us what liberals really think.

Take this latest example of liberal tourettes. That's how they really think. Born into chavdom? Destined to be a scumbag. It's a world view every bit as elitist as anything The Dave could come out with.

Of course it's all bait and switch. These freaks don't really want to write off the progeny of the worthwhileness-impaired and the morally-dyslexic, they just want to put the blame for the inevitable train wreck right onto you. We're not spending enough on penguins, see.

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