Thursday, December 04, 2008

The BBC: Finding The Nuance In Racial Harassment

In the comments to this post, interested of warks is listening to the BBC so you don't have to:
He teamed up with Diane Roberts to discuss the latest Russell Crowe movie, where Crowe plays a racist white cop who can't stand the fact that his next door neighbours are a white woman married to a black man.

It's apparently a very 'subtle' film where you end up liking the white racist and disliking the black victim. Good to see the Beeb really taking on those racial stereotypes in this review:

Diane Roberts: "It’s a very interesting film. It’s very unsettling. Russell Crowe is just terrifically watchable, but he’s frightening too. He’s just beyond the pale. We don’t know if he’s been driven mad by his exposure to American liberalism, or whether it’s living in this God-awful suburb where everything’s manicured… but he’s one of the best characters I’ve seen."

Lawson: "I agree. He’s very frightening, it’s fascinating and it’s a brave venture by both the writer and the actor I thought. We’ve had this tendency in American cinema to creat saintly white figures – understandably given the history of liberalism – but this is really daring. This invites the audience to dislike a character partly for reasons of his race and his racial attitudes."

Diane Roberts: "And his racism. I mean, he does not like for a young white woman to be married to a black man. Now, given this black man, I can kind of take his point, because this guy’s kind of useless. But that’s not the point. He’s not a saintly redemptive white man, thank God. He’s not going to teach the black people how to live. I’m so glad to see an angry – understandably angry – maybe crazy, we don’t know, ferociously rule-driven white man. This guy makes his children use perfect grammar, his children can’t listen to her iPod at the table… there’s all this sort of moral rectitude in his character that goes along with his rage and this misogyny…. I think the whole film, up until, ooh, maybe, the last quarter of an hour, is very subtle... You don’t know what to think. You want to endorse this interracial marriage, but you see some of the issues coming up and, frankly, you’re being forced to like the guy who seems a little crazy and not like the guy who’s a victim.
Well, it sounds familiar, but I think IoW must have got confused about a couple of details.

Hmmmmm.... all this from folks who never see anything subtle or ambiguous in opposition to open borders. Nope, that's racist all the way.

Actually, like JulieM, my favourite part was in the horrified references to dad having a downer on iPods and ebonics. Racial harassment of whites and supposed race traitors? They can see the upside to that, but iPod-free dining? Madness!

Oh, and one more thing: if these pretentious no-nothings are going to insist on calling themselves the 'creative community', could they just once in their worthless lives get through talking about suburbia without using the phrase 'manicured lawns'?

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