Monday, December 29, 2008

Liberals Shocked! Pope 'Catholic'

Don't be shocked, but the Reverend Dale has had a squealing fit. He's claiming that His Holiness's Christmas message proves he's a really big Nazi.

Given Dale's penchant for creative writing, I thought I better check the original text and, wouldcha'believe it, it turns out....

Just to run through the scores on the doors: His Holiness suggests we need to protect the social environment as well as the physical one - a point which surely comes under 'Blindingly Obvious' even for those of us who don't play a conservative on TV - and Dale calls him a Nazi. Hmmmm...remind me again which side of the debate keeps yammering about 'hate speech'?

See, this is kind of the point: if even the most tepid support for sexual restraint sends you into an unhinged screaming fit then, yes, you do have a problem with morality. You certainly have a problem with any recognisable form of Christianity.

But no: apparently, 'True Christianity' turns out to be like 'True Conservatism' - whatever Dale and pals say it is that particular day.

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