Wednesday, November 07, 2018

You Will Be Made To Care

If only the Heretics D'Jour had asked my advice, I'd have told them to claim it wasn't a model of Grenfell Towers, it was actually one of the Twin Towers. Instead of facing a lynch mob, they'd now be  getting their own Channel 4 show.

Hey, is it just me, or does it seem like the having the savoir faire to navigate the fine line between edgy humour and offensive filth is just a subtle form of class privilege?  

Then there's the fact this all started because some SJW found the whole thing so offensively offensive that they had little option but to secretly record the whole thing and then upload it so other people could be offended by it as well, and then forward it on so everyone else would have the chance to be offended. 

Say what you like about Mary Whitehouse, but when she denounced the evils of Da Porno at least she didn't insist on posting everyone a copy of Anal Invader IV so they could see exactly how offensive it was. Meanwhile, it appears the left have turned into exactly the kind of curtain-twitching hypocrites they always accused us of being.

Come to think of it, the left are worse. Back in the days of government ministers proclaiming 'Back to Basics' while banging hot young things, at least they were getting something out of it - specifically, banging hot young things.  Leftists are happy to be judgemental hypocrites just for the sake of it.  

Talking of people who are full of it, in so far as the only issue is whether or not this even constitutes an offense, why exactly have the police started searching their houses, including the bins? What are they hoping to find? Evidence of a secret, underground network of satirists? Do they all think they're starring in '24' and they've got just 2 hours 34 minutes to stop the extreme extremists going online with a Youtube video featuring finger puppets called Diane Flabbot and Sadiq Khan't?

Nope, it's pure intimidation and a fishing expedition. They're trying to find something, anything, to stick on these guys, and meanwhile they'll rummage through their daughter's underwear draw just to show them who's boss.

By the way, if you're wondering how the Met found the resources to trawl through someone's bins, well, the answers simple: they took them away from investigating minor trivia, like stabbings. 

Misusing search warrants in this way is a genuine outrage against civil  liberties, but don't expect any of the usual suspects to complain about this. They're too busy being outraged that ISIS supporters who went to Iraq might be tried under Iraqi law. That outrages them, but the de facto return of blasphemy laws is a yawner.

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