Monday, December 03, 2018

As I Was Saying...

The Tories are still trying to terrify the public with the Corbogyman. Lest you be tempted to choose them as the lesser of two evils, here's Mark Steyn with a reminder that eight years of Conservative Prime Minsters has done nothing to deal with the most important issue of the day: the remorseless transformation of Britain into Not Britain.

 Hence, why I can't get too excited about Gerard Batten appointing Tommy Robinson as an adviser. Personally, I think it's bad politics, but on the other hand, who would be the respectable alternative to Tommy Robinson? As Mark Steyn himself has pointed out, if respectable politicians won't deal with the elephant in the room, then the public will turn to non-respectable ones.

We already have three parties hiding behind ludicrous euphemisms, like 'grooming gangs'. Meanwhile, in so far as Tommy Robinson was banged up for contempt of court, that means we've had more people jailed for reporting on jihadist rape gangs, than for actually assisting them. Police officers and social workers have destroyed evidence, buried crime reports and intimidated witnesses, without facing so much as the ghost of a charge. Turning a blind eye to outright corruption: that's what counts as 'Respectable Conservatism' these days.

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North Northwester said...

Given the horrors of the Somaliaiztion of Germany and Sweden, not to say the childhood-ending nightmares of our own northern former mill towns, I'd probably support a protest led by the Yorkshire Ripper if he promised us control of our borders after Brexit.
So Ukip and Robinson are protesting in London a couple of days before the vote and the respectable professionals (DJ Farrage and MC Jakey Rees-M) are partying the Friday after the vote. Call it the Woke Wake. Demonising and dehumanising the flawed but non-serial, non-rapist Robinson might look a bit more honest if the Official Awesome Brexiteers actually had a detailed plan to withdraw in an orderly fashion from the EU despite persistent Continental and Civil Service opposition such as a list of laws and constitutional precedents and proposed legislation and executive action they could point to every step of the way as Theresa May did the exact opposite. A plan can be as much superior to a policy as a hope is above a wish. But I guess they've only has 30 years or so to devise a plan and they've been very busy the past couple of years pretending to be Winston Churchill and the Duke of Marlborough. And it's not as though anyone can train their steampunk goggles at their home Kinematograph and search for 'EU referendum.'