Thursday, August 09, 2018

You Can Say You Were There The Day 'Electability' Died

To borrow a line from the legend that is Ace, to British Tories the Earth is nothing but an infinite series of hills upon which one must not die. 

Everything is up for grabs with the Tories, all the family silver needs to be thrown overboard lest actually taking a position on anything damage da sacred electability....

....except it now turns out that 'electability' means ginning up phoney baloney scandals.

The sheer brass neck of these people! They've spent years pretending to be rock-ribbed conservatives who are desperate to push conservative polices, you guys, but they just don't think they're politically viable.  Suddenly, the cucks have the chance to try and shaft one of their enemies and all bets are off. 

They don't care about electability, they never did in any meaningful sense of the word. It was just a means to the end of throwing any actual conservatives out of the party so they can carry on treating it as a job creation scheme for vacuous Metropolitan snoots.

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