Monday, June 01, 2009

They Must Have Been Mythtaken

Another despatch from the parallel universe of the BBC, and it's a lu-lu.

Like Laban says, what definition of normality are we talking about here? Plus if the town is a quarter Muslim, it's isn't 'greatly divided'. I'm guessing most Infidels are pretty clear about where they stand on the whole slavery question - and we'll have to keep guessing since the BBC never gets round to interviewing any of them.

So, for those of you keeping score at home, right now the BBC refuses to cover the BNP because of The Extremism! but it also runs stories giving both sides of the slavery debate a fair crack of the whip. If a Tory MP suggested beating lazy wives there wouldn't be enough Novocaine suppositories in the galaxy to calm the Beeboids down.

But the real prize is who they choose to supply the closing quotes:
Musharrat Zia is the director of Practical Solutions, an organisation which works to challenge stereotypes and negative myths about different cultures.
Hellooooo! I think the whole 'case proved beyond reasonable doubt' pretty much suggest that it isn't a myth after all. Ditto, if the whole 'to enslave or not enslave' debate has split the exploding communidee, it's not a stereotype either - large numbers of them really do support slavery (y'know kind of like those right-wing loons always said they did).

This is the essence of BBC bias. It's not just about the incidental stuff like negative labelling of conservatives, unbalanced debates or the like. It's about a deep, ingrained belief that reality is whatever they say it is. This case has given the world a rare chance to look under the veil and confront the true nature of Islam, and the BBC's response is to demand 'who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes'?

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