Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Hard In Da Hood

Guess the race-hustlers are right, after all! It's hard for brutha to get a break in the United KKKingdom. Guy tries to pull himself up from the streets and The Man hits him with this.

I take it all back. Lenny Henry is clearly the Rosa Parks of Britain. How fortunate that I've just got my nano-violin back from its tune-up.

Still, that don't look like no 'hood to me. Could it be we're dealing another two-faced liberal rat weasel? Yes, indeed, but now it's worse than ever. At least when libs are jetting in to tell us all to holiday in Blackpool, no one actually gets shot. Meanwhile, it turns out that one of the country's most prominent racial arsonists has managed to acquire a shedload of cash - then used to it to head off way the hell away from any enrichment-related activities. This must be what they mean about keeping it real.

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