Thursday, June 25, 2009

You May Not Be Interested In Culture War, But Culture War Is Interested In You

As I understand it, the Telegraph's investigation into allegations of massive fraud in Parliament (all subsequently proven) was a dangerous distraction from the vital work of Parliament, but electing a slippery weasel to Speaker is the best gag evah!

And thus was shattered the myth that most leftists are just bitter losers.

Still, it could have been worse. I understand some Labour MPs wanted Cherie Blair to raise the undead corpse of Robert Maxwell. Apparently, they gave up the idea after they decided Captain Bob was just too anal about keeping the books straight - plus the Lib Dems wouldn't vote for a Jew.

All of which does lead to an important point. Here we have a perfect demonstration of why one of the main excuses for Cameronism doesn't work. The whole Nu Tory thing is that, sure, they can see how all this endless triangulation and purging of any actual conservatives is kind of annoying, but once we get a conservative government elected, why, it'll all be worth while.

Well, no. What the election of Squeaker Bercow proves is that the left won't just fold their tents and retire to Spain just as soon as the Tories get a majority. On the contrary, this is exactly the kind of scorched earth strategy the left will employ to ensure any Tory policy faces the death of a thousand cuts. The Cameroonatics might find all this talk of culture war a drag, but any Tory government serious about achieveing much of anything will have to face the need to clear out the instititons sooner or later. Can anyone seriously imagine these silver spoon freaks waging this kind of trench warfare?

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