Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Seems Like A Nice Boy

Famous non-terrorist Moazzam Begg has found a new outlet for his artistic leanings. It's a video game in which a teddy bear has to rescue all his chums from an evil wizard who's trying to take over Toyland. No, wait... this is it.

I'm telling you, I'm just shocked - shocked - to find Moazzam Begg involved in producing Islamofascist propaganda. Doubtless, the game will doubtless flop, given that the vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving, right? Of course, that does lead onto the next question: what are the odds? For a bunch of racist buffoons who just want to victimise peace-loving Muslims, it's amazing how every time the completely innocent victim picked up at random turns out to exactly fit the profile of a hardcore terrorist.

Right about now, I'm thinking it's going to be simpler to keep track of all those liberal baby seals who haven't turned out to be utter scumbags. Still, let's check the scores on the doors: the BBC won't interview whole swathes of right-wing commentators because of The Extremism but a man who produces Islamofascist murder fantasies strikes them as an entirely credible witness. Come to think of it, if it's true he has a financial stake in the game, what with all the appearance fees and free publicity he had over the years, you can make a case that our licence fees may have indirectly helped fund terrorism.


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