Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Smart Vs Stupid: Which Is Better?

MSM Status: Genius

MSM Status: Moron

There's a serious point here - apart from 'never trust the MSM's opinion on anything' - our governing class's definition of genius is entirely self-serving to the point of tautology. Hunt is the perfect embodiment of the post-modern, triangulating, 'knows all 58 genders options in facebook' political luvvie. Of course his fellow passengers on the gravy train have hailed his brilliance . You'd get more sense asking Premiership footballers if they think Wayne Rooney is overpaid.

And that's how Britain ended up with a supposed genius who doesn't understand how contracts work. These people deal in attitudes not actual policies. No wonder they're so completely thrown by Putin. Doesn't that guy know he's wrecking his chances of getting a sympathetic profile in the Guardian? 

It says a lot about where British politics is at that our ruling class are baffled by a politician who means what he says. Meanwhile, in so far as the dumb housewife from the snowy wasteland called it all perfectly, the question has to be asked: who are the insular, inbred hicks now, huh? 


Mr Grumpy said...

But Jon, we know she's the stupidest and most ill-informed person on Earth, therefore clearly this can only have been a fluke. It's elementary logic.

Nick Roberts said...

It’s an exciting world we inhabit.

Here’s the party of impoverished labourers that was established by their trade unions to represent the interests of workers in Parliament so that conditions of work could be improved and the rights of workers considered equally worthwhile by the state as the rights of property owners and industrial magnates…arguing that 21st Century workers who don’t get with the programme and learn their ABGreens can be slung onto the dole as easily as 19th Century day labourers were given the sack if there happened to be no cargo to unload or ditches to dig that day. All this from the limerick-begging steely-eyed blond from ‘Brideshead Revisited: The Next Generation.’
It’s a comedy classic.

Woe to poor Samantha, however, when we channel hop to the other side. Her tarot reading that Darrin’s boss would not back down about the new dog food campaign if only they invited him and his wife over for cocktails and dinner turns out to be true - despite what both Darrin and Samantha’s families predicted - with hilarious results.
It’s a blessing that the Party of Women doesn't treat today’s intelligent beauties as cute but ditsy little home-makers unfit to comment on the world of men and business as they did in the 1960s – that’d be as if feminism never happened.