Tuesday, April 28, 2015

About That Wasted Vote Thing...

Remember, waste a vote on UKIP and you might end up with a government that appoints leftist culture warriors to key jobs.

At risk of stating the obvious - obvious to anyone except our nation's professional conservatives anyway - this isn't a minor matter. The Press Regulator is in a position to help choke off debate on any topic liberals find unhelpful. Anyone think guys like this are going to be supportive of the paper that breaks news of the next Rotherham?

Expect more reports on the heroism of Comrade Ogilvy.

This is the perfect example of how the excuses for Cameronism rely on completely inverting cause and effect. We're told the culture has drifted leftwards so the Right needs to abandon the culture war and get with the program. The truth is pretty much the opposite. The left understands that in terms of ability to shape the culture, guys like this have far more power than the average backbench MP, but the Smartest People In The Room keep pretending that the right just needs to flip a few more red seats blue and we'll enter a new Golden Age.


RH said...

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North Northwester said...

We may also have to follow Noel Coward and fight for the stately homes of England.


JuliaM said...

NNW, the modern slavery case in the news yesterday involving Nigerians only, no white faces to be seen, might give them pause!