Thursday, April 23, 2015

What This Election Is Really About: UKIP Vs TVP

Hey, it's great to be back! I've been tied up these past few weeks working with Thames Valley Police's Hypothetical Crimes Division. All their cops were busy dealing with non-existent hit & runs, so I had to pitch in to help investigate the theoretical case of an 80 year old widow who would totally have been tortured to death by home invaders while the police were too busy shaking down motorists to respond. If this case had actually happened then the gang concerned could potentially have been very dangerous, but fortunately there's now a reciprocal arrangement in place whereby the police raise revenue and HMRC provide a SWAT team so you can rest assured your government is right on top of all forms of speculative homicide.


No, just kidding! There's nothing theoretical about Thames Valley Police prioritising shaking down drivers while letting serious criminals run free.

Apparently, Sgt498 was not available for comment.

When it all comes down to it, that's what this election is really about. We've had a nominal Conservative in No 10 for five years and we've still got Socialist Workers in uniform strutting round shouting 'Oh, I suppose you want to murder children do you, Adolf Businessman? Right? RIGHT'?

Meanwhile, mention the Molesters of No Appearance and these guys suddenly turn into Nuance Squad. They take out an onion for pretendey deaths on the road, but real kids being molested? That's a toughey. Who's to say? We'll get back to you on that.... sometime.

Just on it's own all this would be an indictment of the legacy parties, but there's a bigger issue here. No one voted to pay SJW tossers in uniform to campaign - in both senses of the word - against motorists, and we certainly didn't vote to redraw the law on rape. It was the left's Common Purpose cultists in uniform who did all that, just like their fellow travelers in the rest of the public services have pushed the left's agenda in their jobs, and they'll keep doing it until they're stopped. Right now only one party out there that is promising to do anything about rooting them out and restoring actual accountability to the public services. Free clue: it isn't the one that just spent the last five years insisting that it's the non-rapist protecting side of the political spectrum that's extremist.


JuliaM said...

Good to see you back DJ; nobody does it better.. ;)

North Northwester said...

Welcome back. Good fortune to you and yours.

For myself, I was beginning to suspect that we’re wisely governed by folks of goodwill to the best of their considerable abilities.

I think I’d better think it out again.